What Are the Benefits of OnStar?


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The Automatic Crash Response feature is a more widely known benefit of OnStar than some of the other features; it automatically contacts OnStar Emergency Advisors when a user has been involved in an accident. Automatic Crash Response automatically collects important information regarding the incident and sends it to the specially trained advisers so that the proper first responders can be alerted and respond in a timely fashion.

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What Are the Benefits of OnStar?
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The turn-by-turn navigation feature of the in-car assistance program allows for contacting an OnStar Advisor in order to receive specific, automated directions to a destination, rather than having to rely on a paper map or relying on a navigation system that does not support providing details at such a granular street level.

OnStar can perform a comprehensive vehicle diagnostics test on a monthly basis to prevent unforeseen problems from happening. The test checks on such items as engine and transmission, air bag, emissions and anti-lock brakes. It will also provide an alert regarding the tire pressure and recommend maintenance, if necessary. For an immediate vehicle assessment, as opposed to waiting for the monthly test, a special button can be pushed to have OnStar perform an on-the-spot test. OnStar offers roadside assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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