What Are the Benefits of OEM Windshield Replacement?


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Benefits of original equipment manufacturer windshield replacement include assurance that the replacement fits properly because it meets the original manufacturer's specifications. An OEM replacement minimizes water leaks and sounds and appears identical to the original windshield. OEM windshield manufacturers and new vehicle manufacturers use the same systems to ensure product safety and quality. All windshield glass must meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, but OEM glass may be thicker than the glass that aftermarket windshield manufacturers use.

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Aftermarket glass may not have Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard certification, while OEM glass often carries the certification. OEM windshields are less likely to loosen or fall out than aftermarket products. OEM windshield makers, such as Pilkington, use glass check fixtures to ensure that when they install replacement windshields, there are no excessive gaps to fill with adhesive. Ill-fitting windshields can distort drivers' views, create dangerous driving conditions and endanger vehicle occupants if a crash occurs. Windshields support vehicle roofs in rollover crashes, and when airbags deploy in collisions, windshields protect the vehicle occupants.

Installing an OEM replacement windshield typically takes about two hours, which includes the safe drive-away time. OEM windshield installers use OEM adhesives and sealants and allow sufficient curing and hardening time.

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