What Are the Benefits of a Mopar Crate Engine?


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The benefits of a Mopar crate engine include a fixed cost, and a quick and simple install. Also most crate engines are durable and come with a warranty.

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A Mopar crate engine is a sealed Chrysler engine sold complete and ready to install. It is a frequent choice for race car drivers looking to get more power with less fuss and expense than investing in a custom-built engine. In addition to the initial savings in cost, crate engines last longer than custom-built models, according to Circle Track Magazine. This opens up the racing circuit to younger people and those with economic restraints.

Mopar crate engines also benefit the racing industry. Because they are sealed, track-side tech inspections are quicker and smoother. The inspectors simply check to see that the factory seal is in place. When all engines are sealed and the same, this also evens the playing field on the race track.

Disadvantages of crate engines include a lack of customization options and the inability for racers to save money by doing a lot of the engine building by themselves. Also cheating is possible, with some car owners using fake bolts to make their engines look factory sealed after introducing modifications. Manufacturers work to develop bolts that are harder to duplicate in order to decrease cheating incidents.

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