What Are the Benefits of Mitchell1 ProDemand?

Mitchell1 ProDemand's benefits include the ability to provide customers with full original equipment manufacturer repairs, estimating, maintenance and real-world experience based information in one product built to help auto service professionals with making work faster and more accurate. The program teaches more about fixing cars and providing service to customers by being hands-on instead of using a simple computer program or theory to instruct.

ProDemand’s search feature narrows the search process to provide comprehensive, categorized repair information in the most simple to understand way possible. All of the information is placed in one location so that searching for answers is simple, as reported by Mitchell1.com. The program also offers the best in class wiring diagrams.

A free trial of the program may be requested for any user unsure about what to expect with ProDemand. All that is required to use the program after purchase or installation of the free trial run are a high-speed Internet connection and an updated Web browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The program is also offered in a mobile format for tablets and smaller devices. For the mobile programs, iOS 7 or Android 4.1 updates or higher are required for the program to function.