What Are Some Benefits of Knock-Off Rims?


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The main benefits of choosing replica rims are that they are often cheaper and more stylish than rims from the original equipment manufacturer. However, an ongoing debate exists over whether it's better or worse ultimately to purchase replica rims, as cheap rim prices may be the result of using low-quality materials.

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Among the controversial claims made about replica rims are that they cause your car to vibrate because they don't fit your vehicle as well as the factory rims. Proponents of aftermarket rims argue that this only occurs when rims are not installed or balanced properly. Rims and tires aren't perfectly circular and must be balanced with a balancing machine at a tire shop unless sold together in a package.

Another argument is that replicas are cheap because they are cheaply made. Evidence exists to support both sides of this argument, as there are both cheap and quality aftermarket rim sellers. Not all replica rims are cheap. Research the seller of the rims you're looking at to make sure that the rims are made of aircraft aluminum alloy. If you have chrome rims, make sure to keep an extra set of non-chrome rims around, as you should never drive with chrome rims during road salt season.

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