What Are Some Benefits of High-Performance Engines?


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The benefits of high-performance engines include faster speeds, quicker startups, better towing capabilities, improved fuel efficiency, and lower emissions. Some people think that high performance engines consume more fuel than conventional engines, but this is often not the case, because fuel economy is relative to performance. In general, the better the engine performs, the more fuel efficient it is.

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Certain modifications to your engine can help you achieve significant performance improvements without introducing new problems. These include air filter replacement, exhaust pipe upgrades and Electronic Control Unit or ECU remapping.

An air filter replacement is a very easy modification to do and can be done in less in an hour. Ordinary air filters tend to restrict air flow too much because they have very tiny holes. Aftermarket air filters are designed to maximize air flow without compromising the engine, which can help your engine access more air when needed.

A good modification partner to an air filter replacement is upgrading the exhaust, as it can help the engine run more smoothly as well as improve the sound that it makes. Partnering an air filter replacement with an exhaust upgrade helps ensure that air is entering the engine smoothly and comes out of it just as fast.

Engine ECUs have preset parameters that dictate the commands they send out to the engine system. By remapping your vehicle's ECU, you may improve idle speed, valve timing and throttle progression, among others.

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