What Are Some Benefits of Having a MaxCare Extended Warranty?

The benefits of a MaxCare extended warranty include rental reimbursement, towing reimbursement and extensive coverage for most of a vehicle's parts and systems, according to CarMax. MaxCare also pays participating service centers directly so that vehicle owners don't have to pay the bill and then seek reimbursement.

The MaxCare extended warranty is available for all the used vehicles that CarMax sells, and buyers have the option to pay for the warranty at once or to amortize the cost into their monthly payments. Buyers can choose how long their warranty is in effect by selecting a maximum mileage, and they can select the amount of their deductible, as CarMax explains. The warranty is in effect throughout the United States and Canada.

The warranty covers 13 major systems, including air conditioning, brakes and transmission. The warranty doesn't cover aftermarket accessories that customers add after they purchase their vehicles, such as video equipment and anti-theft devices. However, customers who add those accessories at the time of purchase can include those items under the warranty, as CarMax notes. The warranty also doesn't cover regular maintenance, such as tune-ups, brake pads and suspension alignments. Vehicle owners who sell their cars can transfer their MaxCare warranties to a vehicle's new owners as long as they meet the policy guidelines.