What Are the Benefits of Goodyear Gatorback Poly V-Belts?


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Some benefits of Goodyear Gatorback Poly-V belts include durability and reduced heat build-up, according to Continental. These benefits save money and eliminate the need to replace the engine belt often. Reviews of the Gatorback belts on Amazon.com add that they are quiet, easy to install and provide a perfect fit for many vehicles.

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Poly-V belts resist heat and cracking, making them more flexible and allowing them to run cooler. These belts absorb shock and vibration from engine components and help to reduce the noise of the engine. Gatorback belts also last a long time, with some customers putting over 10,000 miles on their vehicles with a single belt. These belts fit better, track better and transfer more power than similar competitors’ belts, which amount to a smoother ride for longer periods of time. Even in wet conditions, Poly-V belts don’t slip on the pulleys, and they always maintain control of the vehicle.

A customer on Amazon.com reports being able to change the belt without requiring a mechanic after watching an instructional video on the subject. Another customer on Amazon.com replaced multiple engine parts because the engine was squealing; after replacing the belt with a Poly-V belt, however, the noise stopped.

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