What Are the Benefits of Evans Waterless Heavy-Duty Coolant?


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Evans waterless heavy-duty coolant has benefits such as more durability, reduced engine maintenance costs and higher fuel savings, according to the manufacturer. The coolant also provides an ecologically safe alternative to water-based coolants.

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Evans waterless heavy-duty coolant has a higher boiling point than the operating temperature of most engines, and this allows the engines to safely function at higher temperatures. The high boiling point of the coolant also eliminates explosions associated with excess heat around the combustion chamber. Unlike the water-based coolants that become solid at extremely low temperatures, Evans waterless heavy-duty coolant does not freeze; it instead contracts and becomes thick. The use of Evans waterless heavy-duty coolant also enables reduced fan usage, resulting in huge fuel savings.

Evans waterless heavy-duty coolant does not require changing and so results in lowered maintenance costs. Additionally, because it does not contain water, electrolysis and corrosion are also eliminated. Since a number of maintenance problems when dealing with heavy duty diesel engines are coolant-related, preventing corrosion leads to major maintenance savings.

Evans waterless heavy-duty coolant runs at lower pressure, which reduces the strain on the engine components, such as the hoses and gaskets. Finally, unlike the water-based coolants, the unique non-toxic inhibitors in Evans waterless heavy-duty coolant are not neutralized by dissolved oxygen and are proven to last an engine’s lifetime.

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