What Are the Benefits of Driving an Automatic Transmission Ford Fusion?


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The primary advantage of a Ford Fusion with an automatic transmission is the greater ease of use and less effort required to drive the vehicle as compared to a manual transmission Fusion, especially in situations such as stop-and-go traffic where frequent shifting is required. Modern automatic transmissions used on newer Fusions also feature comparable fuel efficiency to manual transmissions and allow the driver to shift gears manually using a semiautomatic, clutchless shifting mode.

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What Are the Benefits of Driving an Automatic Transmission Ford Fusion?
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Driving a manual transmission Ford Focus requires additional effort and skill as compared to driving one with an automatic transmission, and can be quite tiring under circumstances where frequent gear changes or braking are necessary. In addition, it is much easier to damage the transmission or engine of a manual transmission Fusion with a failed or missed shift, whereas an automatic transmission almost always selects the correct gear for current conditions before any damage occurs. These protective features also operate when the automatic transmission is in manual shift mode, so it is possible for the driver of an automatic Ford Fusion to safely enjoy the benefits of manual gear selection while also having the option of reverting to automatic operation when desirable. However, the discussion of the merits of different transmission types in the Fusion may be a moot point for buyers of new Fusions as of 2015, as Ford no longer offers the option of a manual transmission on this car.

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