What Are the Benefits of Custom Radiator Covers?


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Pankey's Radiator Repair Shop in the Bay Area of San Francisco explains that a custom radiator cover enhances the appearance of an engine compartment and protects it so that the radiator work efficiently. The company claims that radiator covers have been used since the production of the first automobiles. They are usually made of aluminum.

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According to Pankey's Radiator Repair Shop, the radiator permits the car engine to heat up fast and then works at maintaining the engine's temperature. The radiator thus functions as a kind of heat exchanger and is primarily used for the dissipation of heat. HowStuffWorks says that the part permits hot coolant to flow to the engine, where it is initially cooled by a fan.

According to CarsDirect, a common radiator repair is a failed thermostat. While the component is not a part of the radiator itself, the valve directs the flow of coolant and helps maintain an engine's temperature. If a thermostat fails to work, the engine overheats.

CarsDirect adds that trapped air in a cooling system can also cause a car's engine to run hot. The site explains that bleeding the system normally remedies the problem. Engine scale, a failed radiator fan, leaks in the radiator or hose issues can also cause overheating problems.

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