What Are Some Benefits of Ceramic Brake Pads?


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According to Tire Rack, one benefit of ceramic brake pads is that they can handle higher brake temperatures with lower heat fading than traditional semi-metallic brake pads with steel fibers. This also allows the vehicle to recover more quickly after it has stopped.

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Another benefit of ceramic brake pads for car owners is that they generate less wear on rotors and pads, as well as less dust. The dust that the use of the pads produces is far less visible than traditional pads because it is light in color. Additionally, this dust is less likely to stick to the wheels of the car, giving tires and wheels a cleaner appearance.

Further, the ceramic brake pads generate a frequency that humans can't hear due to its high range, making brakes with ceramic pads far quieter than traditional brake pads.

According to Tire Rack, testing shows that ceramic brake pads also have a significantly longer lifespan than that of other brake pads, while being no less effective in performance or noise control. This is important because the noise reduction in other types of brake pads usually comes at the expense of the pad's longevity, forcing the owner to replace these pads more often, which is less convenient than paying the marginally higher cost for ceramic pads.

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