What Are Some Benefits of Buying Used Cars From CarMax?

What Are Some Benefits of Buying Used Cars From CarMax?

CarMax offers its customers no-haggle pricing and financing for those with bad credit. The sales people at CarMax work on a fixed commission, meaning they won't try to make customers buy more expensive cars.

CarMax has more than 90 locations in the United States and the company will, for a fee, ship vehicles between locations. Its inventory is large enough to provide a car for every driver's needs.

Another benefit to buying a car at CarMax is that each vehicle goes through a 125-point inspection. Mechanics at CarMax check each car for things like water and frame damage. If a car is found to have odometer discrepancies or a salvage title, for example, CarMax will buy the car back.

CarMax offers its customers a money-back guarantee, which many used car retailers don't offer. If, for any reason, a customer is not completely satisfied with the automobile, the company offers a 5-day money back guarantee.

CarMax offers a 30-day limited warranty on all its vehicles. The terms of the warranty vary, so check with the dealership for more details.

The salespeople at CarMax are some of the most respected in the business. Customers deal with one salesperson throughout the entire car-buying experience and they never pressure their customers into buying a car they can't afford.