What Are Some Benefits of Buying Truck Parts From a Salvage Yard?


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Some of the benefits of buying truck parts from a salvage yard include paying a lower price compared to purchasing the part new and being able to find the exact part for older model trucks. Purchasing from a salvage yard also helps reduce landfill.

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What Are Some Benefits of Buying Truck Parts From a Salvage Yard?
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Price is a major factor when considering buying truck parts from a salvage yard. Salvage yards differ from traditional parts suppliers in that their inventory is not sourced from manufacturers or distributors but from old trucks and cars. This means that all the parts sold in a salvage yard are used, and thus sold at a cheaper price. The amount each part has been used varies from vehicle to vehicle, and thus there is some chance of reduced performance from parts.

Salvage yards are also very beneficial for locating parts for older model trucks that are no longer being made. When a manufacturer introduces a new model of truck, it often includes newer versions of parts with upgrades and advancements. As these newer model parts are not always compatible with older trucks, salvage yards are sometimes an owner's only option.

Salvage yards also help reduce waste because, as parts are removed, the vehicles are essentially recycled instead of being landfilled.

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