What Are the Benefits of AMG Alloy Wheels?


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Alloy wheels made by Mercedes-Benz performance division AMG are lighter than similarly-sized steel wheels, reducing the overall weight of a vehicle and improving its acceleration performance. AMG Alloy wheels also have distinctive appearances that many owners find to improve the overall looks of their vehicles. The lower weight of alloy wheels lowers the unsprung weight of a vehicle and helps improve handling.

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The weight reduction benefits of AMG alloy wheels with regard to acceleration are apparent, as a lighter overall vehicle weight improves a car's power-to-weight ratio and its ability to accelerate quickly. However, the concept of how reducing unsprung weight improves handling is not necessarily as intuitive to most drivers as how reducing overall weight improves acceleration.

The essential concept behind unsprung weight is that most of a car's mass is supported by its suspension system and referred to as sprung weight, while only components such as the tires, wheels and suspension itself are unsprung. While it is possible to make adjustments to the suspension system to adjust a car's handling characteristics with regard to sprung weight, it is not possible to do so with unsprung weight. However, reducing the amount of unsprung weight overall through the use of lightweight components such as alloy wheels helps the suspension to be more efficient at absorbing bumps and cornering stresses, therefore improving handling overall.

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