How Do You Become a Member of the Harley Owners Group?


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Joining the Harley Owners Group requires visiting Harley-Davidson's website and filling out the Harley Owners Group application form. Applicants who meet all of Harley-Davidson's requirements for membership and pay the first month's membership fee are accepted as members of the group.

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In addition to the membership fee, registering in the Harley Owners Group requires that the applicant have a valid vehicle identification number for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The Harley Owners Group also accepts vehicle identification numbers of motorcycles produced by Buell, Harley-Davidson's high-performance subsidiary.

There are two types of membership for the Harley Owner's Group: full and associate memberships. Full memberships give the member access to all the benefits of the Harley Owner's Group, but these memberships have a higher monthly or annual fee. Associate memberships only come with some of the benefits of a full membership, but are significantly more affordable. While full memberships are available to all Harley-Davidson or Buell owners, associate memberships are only open to those who provide a full member as a sponsor.

Benefits of joining the Harley Owners Group include free roadside assistance, discounts on products and services and access to members-only events. Members also enjoy discounted rates on Harley-Davidson motorcycle insurance and pay members-only rates for shipping their motorcycles to many locations worldwide.

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