How Do You Become a Hells Angel?


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Becoming a Hells Angel involves meeting the requirements and undergoing various stages including the hang-around, associate, prospect and full-patch. The Hells Angel group has ties with, among other groups, Aryan Brotherhood, and upholds the ideas of the Nazi party, hence an individual aspiring to join must be of white race.

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The requirements for the Hells Angel include a driving license and a motorcycle that is in good operating condition. Additionally, the applicant should not have served as a prison guard or police officer, and should have a history that is free of molesting children. Upon submission of the requirements to the group, successful applicants may acquire "hang-around" status, which is the first phase to becoming the Hells Angel. This status gives the applicants permission to attend certain Hells Angels club events; the applicant is not eligible to attend all the club events at this phase. Applicants who pass this phase become associates.

The "prospect" status is the third phase and qualifies the applicants to take part in the club's activities. At this stage, applicants have an assurance that the group is yet to confirm their membership. However, the applicants don't qualify to vote in the club's elections. The "full-patch" status is the last phase that allows the applicants to enjoy privileges of full membership including voting in the club elections and wearing sanctioned jacket patches.

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