What Are the Basic Steps for Replacing a Crankshaft Sensor?


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The basic steps for replacing a crankshaft sensor include disconnecting the car battery, locating the crankshaft sensor, removing the old sensor from the car, putting a new sensor in the place of the old one and reconnecting the battery. When properly applied, these steps lead to faultless crankshaft sensor replacement.

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First, the battery should be disconnected by detaching its negative ground cable to prevent a possible shock. The crankshaft sensor, typically situated at the engine front, should be located. Some cars have their crankshaft sensors located at the engine's rear or side. If necessary, the car owner should refer to the vehicle's manual when trying to locate the crankshaft sensor since the location varies according to the model and make of the car.

Once the sensor is located, the wire harness should be detached from the sensor, taking note of how the sensor is wired. Then, the bolts that secure the sensor in place should be loosened and removed with a socket wrench before pulling the old sensor from the car. The new sensor should be placed in the space previously occupied by the old sensor and be secured with bolts. A new O-ring should be attached around the new sensor and the wire harness reattached. Lastly, the car battery should be reconnected and the new sensor tested.

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