What Are the Basic Parts of an ATV?


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Some basic parts of an ATV include the brakes, rack, spark arrestor, muffler and footrest. These parts vary from model to model and may not be in the same place on every ATV.

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There are also basic controls on ATVs, including the front differential control, headlight switch, engine stop switch, ignition switch and throttle. There is also a shifter, choke and fuel cap to become familiar with. An individual should not ride an ATV until she knows where all of these parts are without looking at them. The ability to operate these controls may be critical in a situation that becomes an emergency.

Safety is important when it comes to ATVs, and operator safety is paramount. Some of the basic safety gear an individual should have include goggles, protective gloves, helmet, protective suit and boots. Under this safety equipment, an ATV operator should wear a wool shirt, glove liners, sturdy pants and wool socks.

Different ATVs have different handling characteristics depending on the parts, so it is important that a rider knows how to handle the vehicle before using it. Most ATVs, for instance, have both front and rear brakes, but some may have another braking system. There are also different transmissions, throttles, shifters, starters and cooling systems. Some controls may be unfamiliar to some users, so it is important for the rider to ask any questions she may have before riding.

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