What Are Some Basic Maintenance Tips for Diesel Engines?


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Basic maintenance tips for diesel engines include changing fluids routinely, replacing oil filters often, checking the glow plugs frequently and inspecting the gaskets regularly. Monitoring fluid levels regularly and allowing the engine to cool before replacing or checking fluids are other basic maintenance tips.

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Disconnect the battery, properly support your vehicle, and tighten all nuts and bolts before repairing or checking your engine. Incomplete combustion is common in diesel engines because fuel takes time to burn. Glow plugs aid in starting the engine before it heats up, so monitor and change the plugs frequently. An oil filter separates sulfur, carbon and other corrosive particles from the oil. Choose a filter that matches the original equipment manufacturer-recommended for your car.

Oil that stays for a long period wears away engine parts. Water collects over time to form sludge, leading to engine problems. Read the manufacturer's instructions before changing fluids. Gaskets are susceptible to leaks, so check them often for tears and cracks, tightening or replacing them as appropriate.

Ensure that oil levels, coolant levels, transmission fluid levels and water levels are at their maximum levels to avoid incomplete combustion, condensation, fuel pump failure and other engine problems. Use a dip stick level to determine the levels of the fluids. Add diesel treatment to the fuel tank to prevent diesel from mixing with impurities.

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