What Are Some Basic Instructions for Installing a Turbo Kit?

To install a turbo kit, hoist the front end of the vehicle, drain the engine oil, mount the intercooler, replace the exhaust header with a turbocharger and turbo manifold, connect the turbo manifold to the exhaust system, and connect the oil filter line to the turbo's oil feed line. Next, connect the turbocharger's compressed air outlet to the engine's air intake system, fill up the car with fresh oil, and lower the vehicle. Road-test the vehicle.

Raise the front part of the car with a hydraulic jack, and securely place two jack stands underneath the car. Place an oil pan below the engine, and pry out the oil drain plug. Let all of the oil drain out, and replace the plug. Open the hood, unfasten the screws holding the bumper in place, and take off the bumper. Then, install an intercooler or changer air cooler.

Remove the exhaust header. Fix a turbocharger to a turbo manifold, and connect them to the exhaust system. If the turbocharger comes with an oxygen sensor, fix the sensor to the appropriate mounting hole. Tap the oil filter line, plug the tap to the oil feed line on the turbocharger, and connect a return line from the turbocharger to the oil pan.

Attach metal pipes and rubber hoses to the turbocharger's compressed air outlet, and connect them to the intercooler. Fix the remaining pipes and hoses to the other side of the intercooler, and connect them to the air intake system. Tighten all bolts, oil taps and fittings, and add fresh oil to the engine. Slightly raise the car with a hydraulic jack, remove the jack stands, and lower the vehicle. Perform a road test.