What Do Basic Capacitor Wiring Instructions Include?


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Basic capacitor wiring instructions include guiding users through capacitor installation into an air conditioning compressor motor by removing the power supply cord, removing the old relay, pushing the single pin terminal wire onto the compressor's start terminal, pushing the wire with the other pin terminal onto the compressor's run terminal, and connecting the old relay line to the run wire's spade terminal. Some relay and hard start capacitors have instructions to inform users that no wiring changes are necessary.

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Capacitor wiring instructions include the first step of removing the power supply cord because it's unsafe to service equipment and wiring while the cord is supplying electrical power from the outlet. Capacitors are locations capable of generating a high amount of electrical shock if they aren't disconnected. It's also important to note that instructions tell users to remove the old starting relay, but don't mention removing the old overload protection. This is because the overload protection needs to remain in place.

Basic capacitor instructions indicate the essential terminals that wire a start/run capacitor using the letters S, C and R, which represent the start wire connector, the common connector and the run wire connector. The run wire and start wire terminals are the two highest resistance terminals, and the leftover terminal is the common terminal.

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