What Is the Average Time People Spend Commuting to Work?

The average American spent an average of 25.1 minutes daily commuting to work, based on the data gathered from the American Community Survey by the United States Census Bureau in 2009. Those driving their own cars spent between 22 and 25.3 minutes, while those who used public transportation spent between 47.1 and 48.3 minutes.

When considering time spent in a car driving to work, the average American male spends 25.3 minutes a day, or over 100 hours a year. Those commuting in large cities also spend a considerable amount of time stuck in traffic. The annual mobility study by Texas A&M found that the average urban American spent around 38 hours stuck in traffic every year.

According to The Telegraph, drivers in the U.K. spent more than 10 hours a week behind the wheel in 2011, adding up to 3 years over a lifetime.