What Is an Average Price for a Used 92 NSX?


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The average price for a used 92 Acura NSX, as listed by Caranddriver.com, is between $25,000-$33,000, as of 2015. This price is based on used 92 NSX's in top condition with average mileage.

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An average price for a used 92 NSX in lesser condition with higher mileage is around $20,000, as reported by Autos.com. As of 2015, the Kelly Blue Book value for a used 92 NSX, privately sold and with 100,000 miles, is $19,047 for fair condition, $22,372 for good condition, $24,205 for very good condition and $26,730 for excellent condition. Autos.com attributes the relatively high price tag for this used model to its short supply and estimates that only 6,800 vehicles of this model, made between 1991 and 1996, still exist.

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