What Is the Average Price of Having Your Car Painted?


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The cost of painting a vehicle is dependent on the quality of work and can range from $300 to $20,000 or more. The average cost of a high-quality paint job is $4,795 as of 2015.

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What Is the Average Price of Having Your Car Painted?
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Some shops offer inexpensive automobile painting ranging from $300 to $900, but this service often uses low-quality synthetic paints and a minimal number of coats. The work often does not include painting the underside of the hood or the inside of doorposts. Instead of removing trim before painting as is normal, the painter masks it. This process leaves harsh lines at the junction of paint and trim. Averaging $566, these paint jobs leave about one-third of vehicle owners dissatisfied.

Most owners find mid-quality painting costing between $1,000 and $1,800 provides a satisfactory result. The shop uses a higher-quality paint and applies more coats. It also removes dents and address rust problems before painting. After applying the final coat of enamel, the shop adds three to five coats of clear-coat to protect the color and give the car a high-gloss finish.

Showroom-quality paint jobs average $4,975. They require the highest-quality enamels that sometimes cost several hundred dollars per quart. The car receives 20 to 24 layers of paint during the process, including six or more applications of clear coat. The process can take a month or longer to complete.

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