What Is the Average Price of Big Rig Trucks for Sale?


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As of 2015, the average cost of just the cab of a truck from a reputable company ranges from $130,000 to 180,000. The trailer component costs anything from $30,000 to $80,000, and this is excluding the cost of wheels and fuel.

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What Is the Average Price of Big Rig Trucks for Sale?
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The price of big rig truck cabs is affected by many variables, and some good brands have prices as low as $80,000 for a new truck cab. Older models are available at much lower prices, such as a 2005 heavy duty Kaufman in the vicinity of $9000, a 1992 Peterbilt for about $14,000, a 1986 Kenworth for about $12,000 and 2006 Freightliner models for about $20,000.

The steep prices of eighteen wheeler trucks are justified considering the fact that they can put in 1,000,000 miles before they need a significant rebuild. The engines are designed to be able to run non-stop and typically have over 12 gears. A truck is a big investment, and decisions such as whether to buy a new or used vehicle and the budget for either must be carefully considered. The expenses to run and maintain a big rig truck are quite extensive. Usual expenses include tire maintenance, insurance, state and commercial driving licenses, oil, gasoline and engine oils.

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