What Is the Average Cost of a Rascal Scooter?


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As of August 2015, prices for a Rascal scooter range from $900 for the Rascal 8 four-wheeled scooter to $1,500 for the Rascal 10 four-wheeled scooter.

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All Rascal 10 scooters are around $1,500 on Amazon.com, while the Rascal 8 ranges from $830 for a three-wheeled scooter to $900 for a four-wheeled scooter. Prices vary on different Rascal scooters depending on which edition the scooter is and the scooter's quality.

The Rascal 10 is more expensive than the Rascal 8, because it has a carrying capacity of 350 pounds and has rear lighting while the Rascal 8 can only carry 300 pounds and does not have rear lighting.

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