What Is the Average Cost of a Lucas Fuel Injection Pump?


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The average cost of a new Lucas fuel injection pump ranges between $750 and $1000 as of 2015, according to eBay. A used pump's price ranges between $275 to $400, while a remanufactured one costs $350 to $500. OregonFuelInjection.com offers rebuilt pumps priced between $650 to $750.

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The price of a Lucas fuel injection pump depends on whether it is new, used or remanufactured. At eBay, a used VW diesel non-turbo factory OEM Lucas injection pump costs around $350, while a remanufactured Volvo high-pressure pump rotor-diesel Lucas F8QLT01 injection pump costs about $370. A new Ford Force 5000 tractor fuel injection pump costs approximately $765.

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