What Is an Average Car Wash Price?

As of 2014, an average car wash price depends on the specific car wash service, but some of the most common include a basic automatic car wash for $5 and a full service automatic car wash between $15 and $30. However, this number can increase by $6 to $22 for larger vehicles.

A basic automatic car wash uses jet sprays with soap and water and often relies on a system of brushes or towels to scrub the vehicle. Although it's possible to get a wax application for a basic automatic car wash, it often increases the overall cost of the wash. Other factors that drive up the overall price include protectants, underbody wash, and tire treatment. In this case, the average price increases to around $12. Full-service washes include the basic wash and wax in addition to vacuuming the interior, dusting and cleaning the dash and windows, and ultraviolet protectants. A detailing service has a starting cost of around $50 for vehicles and $75 for SUVs and includes hand detailing along with light to complete interior cleaning.