What Are Some Automotive Tools Made by Actron?


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Actron makes automotive diagnostic scan tools, code readers, compression testers, fuel pressure testers and specialty tools. The company also manufactures timing lights and vacuum pressure gauges. Actron’s electrical testers include battery testers, remote starter switches, multimeters and test leads. In addition, the company sells equipment parts and accessories, including fuel adapters, hoses and gauge assemblies.

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Actron’s handheld automotive diagnostic tools such as scanners and code readers are compatible with all 1996 and newer domestic and import vehicles as well as OBD-II-compliant 1994 and 1995 vehicles. Actron AutoScanner live data with color screen unit features live real-time data with over 15,000 generic and manufacturer-specific diagnostic trouble code definitions. The scanner can read antilock braking system codes and definitions, identify most 2000 and newer vehicles, and graph live data. The equipment can also read and display freeze frame data, malfunction indicator light statuses and calibration verification numbers.

An Actron fuel pressure tester kit can test fuel pressure regulators, fuel pump check valves, clogged fuel filters and leaking injectors. This tester kit is compatible with most domestic fuel injected cars and trucks that have Schrader valve test ports on their fuel lines. Actron’s inductive timing light features an on-off touch control, Xenon flash, all-metal inductive pickup and one-touch control.

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