What Are Some of the Automotive Tools Available From the Kent-Moore Brand?


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Kent-Moore Tools offers special service tools for working on a car's axle and drive line, suspension, interior, body and steering system. The manufacturer also makes tools for automotive diagnostics as well as both gas and diesel engines.

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Kent-Moore Tools manufactures special service tools recommended for specific repairs. The manufacturer makes these tools for use on Detroit Diesel and General Motors engines as well as Hyundai, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Saab engines. The tools are also designed for Subaru, Volvo, Kia, Toyota and Isuzu engines. In some cases, the Kent-Moore tool is the only one capable of completing a repair.

Examples of the specialty tools include adjuster nut wrenches, axle nut pliers and drive axle boot clamp pliers. Kent-Moore designs these tools to fit the materials and angles presented by specific motors. For example, the drive axle boot clamp pliers are the only ones designed to properly service Oetiker low-profile drive axle boot clamps.

Kent-Moore Tools also manufactures kits. For example, it offers a rear crankshaft oil seal installer kit that contains all the tools necessary for installing the rear crankshaft oil seal and oil slinger in General Motors diesel engines.

Tool rooms at automotive dealerships contain all the Kent-Moore special service tools needed to work on the specified vehicle models.

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