What Are Some Automotive Repair Online Courses?

What Are Some Automotive Repair Online Courses?

Ashworth College's automotive technician program and the Penn Foster Career School's auto repair technician program are two online courses in automotive repair. Both schools offer online enrollment, and the tuition for each online automotive repair course is approximately $700 to $1000 dollars, as of 2015.

The Ashworth College automotive technician course contains nine lesson groups covering such subjects as automotive engine components, brake types and repair procedures, lighting circuits, automotive braking systems and suspensions.

The Penn Foster Career School auto repair technician course covers similar subjects that are broken up into 11 units. Program objectives include familiarizing students with relevant hand and power tools, the steps to follow for conducting a standard vehicle inspection and all of the tools and processes necessary to disassemble and rebuild an entire car from scratch.

Both the Ashworth College and the Penn Foster Career School courses are sufficient to refresh established mechanics or prepare prospective mechanics to sit for the Automotive Service Excellence Certification Exam.

The Penn Foster Career School course consists of ASE certification preparation materials, while the content of the Ashworth College course is aligned to National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation standards, the same that inform content on the ASE certification exam and its related training materials.