What does an automotive machine shop do?


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An automotive machine shop specializes in fixing, repairing and altering moving car parts to meet factory specifications or custom settings for people who rebuild automobiles. Machine shops service drums, rotors, flywheels, bearing presses, valves, cranks, transmissions, pistons and engine blocks. Specialized equipment for shops include cleaning tanks, boring bars, boring machines, CNC machines, rod machines, ovens and balancing tables.

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Machine shops disassemble pistons, clean them and put them back together to enhance engine performance. The shops take apart transmissions and clean the gears. Machine shops grind and bore holes to exact measurements that match other parts that fit into the holes. They match and time valves properly to ensure fluid and air flow properly in an automobile. They also dismantle engine blocks and alter them for better performance with regards to pistons, spark plugs and fuel injection.

Cleaning tanks let automotive parts soak and clean in various chemical baths. Boring machines are huge set-ups with heavy equipment that grind out holes for pistons in an engine block to precise widths. Balancing tables allow machinists to add or subtract precise weights that ensure parts are balanced perfectly so the engine runs smoothly. Ovens heat up small parts and pins so they can fit inside other engine parts. When these metal parts cool, they are locked in place due to expansion.

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