What Does an Automotive Battery Size Chart Show?


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An automotive battery size chart shows a consumer information to help him know whether a replacement battery works for a particular vehicle. It includes information such as physical dimensions, weight, voltage, energy capacity and charge current. Often, the chart also gives compatability recommendations.

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Electrical systems vary from vehicle to vehicle. For example, some trucks need batteries that can supply large currents in order to power all their lights, while some small passenger cars designed for fuel efficiency use small, lightweight batteries. Therefore, a number of minimum product requirements are needed to satisfy electrical system needs and keep the car running safely. The battery must fit in the designated area in the engine compartment, or it could fall and leak or catch fire. Battery voltage, the potential difference between the two nodes of the battery, must be matched to the designs already in the car already; otherwise, some pieces don't work and others become unsafe to operate. Energy capacity, usually measured in amp-hours, is a measure of how much work the battery can do without being recharged. Although there is a great deal of information on these charts, manufacturers often provide recommendations and compatibility checks to simplify the process for consumers.

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