How Do Automobile Pedal Extensions Work?

How Do Automobile Pedal Extensions Work?

Automobile pedal extensions work by bolting on to the existing pedal and bringing a pedal closer to the driver. These extensions allow shorter drivers or pregnant women to safely operate their vehicles. Because improperly installed extensions can be dangerous, most manufactures only allow installation by licensed automotive service personnel.

There are two main types of automobile pedal extensions: block extensions and adjustable extensions. A third type of extension allows left-foot operation of the gas pedal for drivers with limited or no use of their right feet.

Block extensions are the simplest and cheapest type of automobile pedal extension. These products are simple blocks of aluminum, stainless steel or wood that give drivers easier access to the pedals. Because block extensions bolt directly onto the existing pedals, they make it uncomfortable or impossible for other drivers to operate the vehicle.

Adjustable automobile pedal extensions are more expensive and complicated but more versatile. These extensions feature a plate that bolts onto the existing pedal that connects to a lever with a locking screw. The lever attaches to a duplicate pedal that the driver uses. These extensions are fully collapsible, making operation by other drivers possible.

A left-foot gas pedal extends the gas pedal to the left side of the driver's side floor. This kind of pedal also typically features a pedal stop that prevents a driver from accidentally applying throttle with her right foot.