How Is Automobile Glass Replaced?


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To replace an automobile window, disconnect the battery, disassemble the door panel, remove the weather strip, and install the new glass. Required tools include screwdrivers, a vacuum, a trim stick and a socket set. Wear work gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself from broken glasses and other sharp parts.

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Assemble required parts, supplies and tools, and read your vehicle repair manual before starting. Unplug the negative cable of the battery first to avoid shock. If necessary, pick up and vacuum shattered glass or parts in the vehicle's interior, including the dashboard and carpet. Unscrew the trim panel, and pry it off. Peel off the weather barrier sheet, then take out the clips, brackets and lift mechanism from the panel, and vacuum the inside part of the vehicle.

Carefully pull out the weather stripping from the panel, and set it aside for reuse. At the bottom of the door, unfasten the bolt that holds the window track in place.

Ask a friend to help place the new window pane in the track at a 90-degree angle, starting with the shorter side. Wiggle the glass until it slips into place. Slide the pane into the door regulator, bolt the pane within the regulator, and tighten the window track. Reinstall the weather stripping, weather barrier sheet and trim panel. Reconnect the battery, and test the installation.

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