What Are Automatic Mobility Cars?


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An automatic mobility car is a self-driving vehicle capable of operating without a human driver. These cars are also known as self-driving cars, autonomous vehicles and driverless cars. Automatic mobility cars are equipped with multiple technological tools, including multiple radars, computer vision and LIDAR, which are coupled with an advanced control system.

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The vehicle's advanced control system gathers input from all of the sensors, mechanisms and tools, and uses that input to determine the appropriate path of navigation, as well identifying upcoming street signs, stop lights and road hazards. Powered by this artificial intelligence, automatic mobility cars are capable of performing everything necessary to navigate effectively, and have proven themselves to be more capable than human drivers at avoiding accidents and collisions. Self-driving cars were first developed in the 1980s, but it was not until 2013 that an autonomous vehicle (named BRAiVE, created by Vislab) was demonstrated as performing safely in open public traffic. These vehicles offer a higher level of safety than the standard driver-controlled car, as they have systems that are constantly calculating, measuring and planning, free from human inconsistencies.

Though several groups have come forward with their own self-driving car technology, the most notable vehicles are Google's driverless cars. Google began road testing these vehicles in 2012, with the added safety of on-board human operators, and these vehicles have since logged over one million miles on the road. Further, there are currently four states (Nevada, California, Michigan and Florida) that have passed laws permitting automatic mobility cars on public roadways.

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