How Do You Find Autolite Spark Plugs Compatible With Your Engine?


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Consumers can find compatible Autolite spark plugs by visiting the products page at the company's website and browsing its selection of automotive spark plugs. Autolite spark plugs feature metal components such as copper, platinum, double platinum and iridium XP, and choosing the right one depends on the vehicle's specifications.

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Choosing the most compatible type of Autolite spark plugs for a vehicle requires familiarization with vehicle specifications, which are included within the car owner's manual. The manual usually contains instructions for changing spark plugs, and manuals sometimes include buying and gapping information. Car specification information is often found inside the car's hood, fenders or glove compartment. Car owners can also purchase a spec sheet from an auto supply store, which provides guidance on spark plug selection for specific vehicle makes and models. Specification guides recommend spark plugs and reveal electrode gap level, such as standard or medium.

Information crucial to selecting the best spark plug includes the spark plug part number for the vehicle; the spark plug gap, which is the amount of space between electrodes; and the type of engine fuel system. Basic information needed includes car make, model, year, type of cylinders and transmission system. Individuals can go to the tech specs page at the Autolite site for more information about its spark plugs and technical instructions.

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