Will an Auto Salvage Yard Pay Me for My Irreparable Car?


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A salvage yard will pay you for your irreparable car, with the amount being paid largely dependent on the still usable parts within the vehicle. Requirements for getting a vehicle declared as salvage tend to differ from state to state but usually require that the cost to repair the vehicle be 75 percent or more of the vehicle's value. Most vehicles are declared irreparable by insurance companies. Salvage vehicles may also be vehicles recovered after a theft.

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Before selling the vehicle, many states require that it be reported as salvage so that the title can be revoked and replaced with a certificate. This prevents the resale of a salvage vehicle that has not been properly repaired and certified to unwary customers. The salvage yard that purchases the vehicle may require owners to bring the vehicle in for purchase, or it may provide towing service if needed.

To increase the amount received from a salvage yard, the working parts of the vehicle may have to be pulled prior to the sale. A estimate of the worth of the parts can be given, with prices varying by differing yards. Salvage yards may have other specific requirements to meet before purchasing a vehicle, such as the removal of the tires.

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