What Auto Repairs Can Be Done at Home?


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The auto repairs a vehicle owner is able to do at home depend on his skill levels and tools available, but fixing windshield chips is something nearly anyone can do. Other easy repairs include changing spark plugs and brake pads.

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Windshield repair kits are available at most auto parts stores. The kits include all that the owner needs to make the repair. Most are for use with small star-shaped chips and work best if applied before the crack begins to spread. Before beginning this job, owners should check with their insurance company if they have full coverage. Many pay the cost of the repair in full.

Changing spark plugs requires use of a socket wrench designed for the job. Most of these tools have a rubber boot to help remove the plug once it is loose. As of 2015, many cars have individual coils for each cylinder, eliminating the potential for crossing plug wires.

Changing disk brake pads becomes more involved, but the job is still within the abilities of most vehicle owners. The process requires jacking the car and removing the wheel to access the brakes. Inspecting the brakes regularly is essential to making the repair before the pads wear away and damage the rotor.

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