Which Auto Repair Products Does Scotty Kilmer Use?


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According to his website, Scotty Kilmer uses and endorses products from ATP Automotive, OTC Tools, Tracerline, GearWrench, Cardone and Vacula. Specific products include transmission fluids from ATP Automotive, cam alignment sets from OTC Tools, wrenches from GearWrench, the Flash 2 Reprogrammer from Cardone and the Volt Check Transmitter from Vacula.

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In addition to suggesting particular brands for specialist tools, Scotty Kilmer also recommends having a set of basic tools on hand for simple home repairs. These include a decent socket wrench with a ratchet, a low-profile jack that fits under the car, a good set of steel jack stands, a cheater bar for prying stuck nuts and bolts loose, a giant screwdriver, a good set of pliers, and a stand-alone Scan Tool for any car that was manufactured after 1996.

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