What Is an Auto Injector?


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A fuel injector is a valve equipped with electronic controls that receive data from a vehicle's computer. A fuel injection system changes the amount of fuel sent to a car's motor to prevent wasting gasoline.

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Mounted inside a vehicle's intake manifold, the fuel injector delivers the exact amount of gasoline needed to a vehicle's motor. The fuel pump delivers gasoline to the fuel injector's nozzle. The fuel injector then turns the gasoline into a fine mist and sprays it into the intake manifold. The mist from the fuel injector creates a more efficient way of burning fuel compared to droplet format.

Fuel injection systems replaced carburetors. Prior to fuel injectors, most gasoline-fueled vehicles used carburetors. Instead of using pressure to draw fuel, carburetors relied on suction. Fuel injection systems are more environmentally friendly compared to carburetors, as they burn gasoline more efficiently with less exhaust emission.

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