What Is Auto Detailing?


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Auto detailing refers to a deep cleaning often performed by professionals to remove dirt and grime on both the inside and outside of the vehicle. Interior detailing often includes vacuuming and cleaning the carpet and upholstery. Exterior detailing covers painted surfaces, lights, trim, chassis and wheels.

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Auto detailing aims to keep the vehicle in good condition by removing the dirt and grime that could damage vehicle parts. Detailing may help retain the value of the car. Professionals who offer car detailing services typically use specialty tools to reach nooks and crannies in the car's interior and exterior. The tools also protect the finishes in the car to keep the vehicle in prime condition.

The specific tasks performed during the detailing depends on the service provider and desires of the vehicle owner. A basic detailing might simply include vacuuming the car's interior and washing the exterior. A more detailed job might include shampooing the carpets and conditioning interior leather surfaces. The cost of auto detailing typically relates to the depth of cleaning.

Auto detailing sometimes includes minor restoration services. This might include stain removal from interior upholstery or corrections to paint surfaces on the exterior. The paint care portion of detailing often removes small debris from the clear coat and restores the shine.

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