What is an auto broker?


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Auto brokers help make the car-buying process easy for prospective car owners, and they are responsible for researching vehicles for sale, finding excellent deals and negotiating with sellers. Customers do not have to communicate with dealerships, whether they plan to purchase new or used cars.

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Many car brokers are capable of securing considerably lower prices than those that buyers can negotiate with sellers because of their sales experience and extensive knowledge of the industry. They generally charge flat rates depending on the customer's preferred type of car and whether the vehicle is new or used. Specialty cars involve higher fees because auto brokers need to do more research to find good deals.

Car brokers have wide network connections with various car dealerships. They often find potential vehicles that meet a customer's preferences within three days. When choosing an auto broker, a prospective car owner should make sure the broker works independently as some brokers work for certain dealerships or brands, making them inclined to promote the dealerships instead of finding the best deals.

A good broker focuses on the needs of customers, aims to get the best deal possible and works in his own office, possibly with one to two employees. To find auto brokers, customers should visit car broker websites and wholesale member clubs that provide car-broker services.

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