What Are Auto Body Side Moldings?

What Are Auto Body Side Moldings?

Auto body side molding helps protect cars and trucks against dings. It also adds a custom look to a vehicle. Many vehicles come with side molding, but it can be added as an aftermarket part.

Body side molding comes in various styles and is made from materials like rubber, PVC, stainless steel and aluminum. It is placed on various locations on the vehicle, including the doors, side body, wheel wells and bumpers.

Side molding prevents scratches and dents when something, such as another vehicle's door, hits the side of the car. Side molding also helps protect the vehicle against damage caused by flying rocks and other road debris.

Besides protecting a vehicle, side molding comes in a variety of colors and shapes, adding a new dimension to a vehicle's look. Side molding helps preserve a vehicle's value.

Car owners who want to install their own auto body side molding can do so in an afternoon. Typical tools required for the job include molding, a sharp cutting tool, rubbing alcohol and WD-40 spray. Several online retailers sell side molding and, depending on the type, it can be quite inexpensive.

Rubber typically comprises door molding, and wheel wells use aluminum or stainless steel. Bumper molding is made from auto-grade vinyl and is usually made to blend in perfectly with the vehicle.