How Does Auto Armor Protect the Paint on Your Car?

Auto Armor offers a paint protection coating made of clear urethane film that protects paint jobs on cars and bikes by shielding the body of the vehicle from debris, the environment and abrasions. The film has a high penetration strength and is resistant to peeling. A professional auto specialist fits the film to the vehicle, either on the full body of the car or just the most vulnerable areas where dirt and debris commonly hit the vehicle.

Auto Armor also minimizes effects of pollution and rain, animal droppings and tree residuals as well as ultra-violet rays. It protects against rust, industrial debris and excess dirt, and against weather-induced fading and chalking.

Aside from the film, Auto Armor also makes a protective coating that car owners apply themselves. The coating has some of the same features as the film, though it is not as strong and is less resistant to abrasions. The coating lasts for up to five years, and is available at most auto body stores. Similar to a wax, the coating creates a water-proof barrier that protects against rust, dirt and debris, but does not need frequent applications.

Auto Armor also provides products like corrosion barriers and sound deadeners for the under side of a vehicle. These products protect vehicles from things such as road salts and ocean spray and also allow for a quiet ride.