How Do You Attach a Travel Trailer to Your Vehicle?


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Choose the right class of hitch for the trailer that you plan to tow. Install the chains in a cross pattern, check the harness and brake battery, set the tongue weight, and put an equalizing hitch in place. These steps ensure both safety and stability throughout the trip.

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How Do You Attach a Travel Trailer to Your Vehicle?
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If the tongue of the hitch slips off the ball, the chains keep the trailer connected to the towing vehicle until you can pull over and fix the situation. Cross the chains under the tongue so that if the tongue pops off, it lands on top of the chains instead of striking the pavement.

Follow the directions and the color-coding scheme when connecting the wiring for the trailer. Spray dielectric grease on the contacts to keep the system from corroding. A trailer with electric brakes has a small battery that stops the trailer when the breakaway chain is pulled. The engine normally charges the battery but still check it before you leave with a voltmeter or test light.

Move cargo forward in the trailer so that the tongue has some weight. Without any weight, the trailer sways a lot more because it is either even or heavy in the back. If you have the center of gravity closer to the front of the trailer, it stays closer to the midline of the pulling vehicle, and the trailer sways much less.

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