How Do You Attach a Hood Latch Release Cable?


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To attach a hood latch release cable, remove the existing hood latch, pull out the old release cable, join the release handle to the end of the hood release cable, and pull the cable back through the same path. Required tools include a screwdriver, a socket and ratchet with extension, pliers, a wire (or string) and wire cutters.

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Before attaching a hood latch release cable, remove the hood latch itself in order to access the existing release cable underneath it. Remove the grill under the hood to reveal the hood latch. Unbolt it using a set of pliers. The hood latch release cable lies underneath the grill area, and is fastened by a set of clips. Remove these clips to release the cable.

The second section where the hood release cable passes is the fender. Remove your car’s fender to access the cable and unclip it from the inner surface of the car. Remove the plastic frame inside the car that is next to the brakes and door. Tie the string to the open end of the cable left above the hood, then unbolt and pull the hood release cable from inside the car. Cut out the plastic plug that stops the cable from passing through the fender and into the car.

Once the tied string emerges inside the car, untie the old release cable from it and tie the new one. Finally, pull out the new cable using the string back to the hood using the same path used to find the old one. Reposition all respective clips onto this new cable and reassemble the parts that had been removed initially.

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