How Do You Attach Custom Vinyl Graphics to a Vehicle?

How Do You Attach Custom Vinyl Graphics to a Vehicle?

Attaching custom vinyl graphics to a vehicle requires cleaning the area in which the graphic will be displayed with mineral spirits and using a wetting agent to make it stick. The vinyl graphic should be placed on an area of the car where the paint is perfect.

Before applying the graphics, begin by doing a trial run. Place the graphics where they look the best and mark the area with tape or a grease pencil. Work in temperatures between 50 and 80 F, and indoors, if possible.

  1. Clean the area
  2. Using mineral spirits, remove wax and other dirt from the area. Work in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves while performing this step.

  3. Prepare the wetting agent
  4. The wetting agent is extremely important because it is what makes the vinyl stick to the vehicle. Prepare a wetting agent by combining 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol, 2 drops of liquid dish soap and water in a spray bottle.

  5. Position the graphic again
  6. Position the graphic on the vehicle and tape it into place.

  7. Soak the area
  8. Thoroughly soak the area with the wetting agent.

  9. Peel the paper off the back.
  10. Peel away the film backing from the graphic, making sure to remove it all.

  11. Position the graphic
  12. Position the graphic as precisely as possible. If the surface is wet enough, sliding it into position will be easy.

  13. Use a squeegee
  14. Using a squeegee, press the graphic into place, making sure to remove any air bubbles. Once securely in place, peel away the transfer film from the front.

  15. Trim as needed
  16. Using a razor blade, trim around door seems, fenders or anywhere the design does not properly fit.

  17. Check for bubbles
  18. Make one final inspection and look for bubbles. Puncture any bubbles and squeegee any water away.