How Do You Attach a Camper Shell to a Chevy Silverado?


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To attach a camper shell to a Chevrolet Silverado, measure the truck, install the rubber seal, place the shell on the seal and then clamp it. Test the shell to ensure proper installation.

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Start by measuring the truck bed and the camper shell to ensure the rails of the shell meet at the top of all sides of the truck bed. Install the foam rubber seal where the truck bed and camper shell meet. The best seal is a self-sticking seal, which is available from most hardware stores. Beginning at the front of the shell, cover the entire width on both sides, but do not seal the lift door.

When the seal is in place, put the shell on the bed of the truck and inspect the shell to ensure it aligns with all areas, especially the tailgate and the lift door. If it fits, attach the shell with C-clamps if you plan to remove it in the future. Use four clamps for a short bed and six for a long bed.

If the installation is permanent, replace the clamps with 1/2-inch nuts and bolts. Before taking the truck on the road, check the installation. The tailgate and door lift joint must fit well, and the rubber flap connected to the camper door must lay flat on the tailgate.

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